How to use 3sName?

There are common rules used to name a startup business and tech products. 💡

  1. Animal: Your product category + Random animal

  2. Extension: What your product does + Extension (e.g. ly, hub, ify, etc)

  3. Adjective: Adjective + What your product does

  4. Special TLDs: Your product name + a special TLD (e.g. .io, .ai. .co, etc)

  5. Generic Terms: E.g. Intercom, Buffer, Robinhood. Generic terms are usually taken by domain investors but you can append a prefix like “Get”, “Join”, “Use”, “The”, etc

Why do you create it?

As a passionate maker, I always make many products. Naming is always difficult since you have to get a name which is easy-to-remember, short, domain-available, cheap domain. So I create 3sName to automate the task for me.

I hope 3sName is simple and fast for startup founders to use. 😎

Who are you?

I am a full-time solo maker, bootstrapped founder striving to make a profitable business. 10 years ago, I found my digital agency, SillyCube Technology Ltd. to serve clients and build side projects at the same time.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The team failed a project in 2015. So the team was gone and I was the only one left. I decided to continue my journey to build something people want. This was why the company was founded. 🔥

My previous projects:

  1. SEO Product Optimizer - a Shopify App to Optimize SEO

  2. - a Collection of SaaS Affiliate Programs

  3. 3sName - the Fastest Startup Business Name Generator

Follow me if you would like to join a bootstrap journey. My focus is mainly about SaaS, Ecom & Web Development. 💪

How can I contact you?

If you want to contact me, you can pm me on Twitter: @BennyyChan